The #1 Most Important Factor For Choosing Skin Care Products

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Shea Nut

The #1 most important factor for choosing skin care products and why it may not be what you think it is.

Hint: It's actually really simple.

The ingredients.

The ingredients that make up your skin care products should be the first thing you look for.

OK, you knew that. But keep reading there's more.

See, this is not another fear mongering blog post where I tell you to avoid parabens, fragrance, daily products, wheat... water, or something else that is being used at such a low rate you'd never even know it was there anyway. I'm tired of hearing about the new latest thing we should be avoiding. Aren't you? This is the opposite.

Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with making a choice to avoid certain ingredients. But if you are only looking at what is being left out, you are missing most of the story.

Here's my skin care ingredient philosophy: It's all about what you put in. Put good stuff in. Put benefits in. Put interesting stuff in.

Simple as that. No magic formula. No judgement.

So how can you adopt this philosophy? It starts with finding what you like.

For example, I like shea butter.

When I started Astrida Naturals, I did it because I wanted a shea butter lotion made with unrefined shea butter in a high enough concentration that I could actually benefit from the amazing properties. I would see mainstream ingredients that said "shea butter lotion" but shea butter was buried in the ingredient list.

No bueno.

In our shea butter lotion, shea butter makes up the most of the oils. For a shea butter lotion, that's the way it should be. Then I committed to leaving out anything that wasn't needed to make a safe, smooth feeling lotion. The result was a very emollient, moisturizing, natural, lotion and people loved it! Yay!

Ready for a challenge?

Next time you are looking at skin care products take a look at the label and don't just look for what's not in there but actually look for what is. Is there something in there that piques your interest?

Join the discussion and share what ingredients are most appealing to you in the comments below.

The #1 Most Important Factor For Choosing Skin Care Products