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Botanical body care, skin care & fragrance essentials for seekers of wellness, wisdom & free-spirited adventure.

Welcome to Astrida Naturals. Our mindful, natural, plant-based body care, skin care and fragrances are formulated with sustainable, ethically sourced ingredients. Some of our ingredient superstars are fair trade, organic shea butter from Ghana, active botanical extracts, essential oils and organic, handcrafted natural scent blends. 

Our small-batch made products are certified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny and made locally in Chicago without the use of petroleum, parabens, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate, gluten, artificial colors or artificial fragrance. 

Our Story

What began as a small spark of curiosity, evolved into a transformative journey to find my own sense of balance, simplicity and peace.

My foray into creating skin care products started in 2007 when I suddenly became very curious about how my everyday beauty essentials were being made. There was nothing particularly special about that day, but I remember that moment clearly when I picked up bottle of product and wondered, ‘how is this made?’ and ‘is this good for me?’

What happened next was the start of an amazing personal adventure.

Before then, I hadn’t thought very much about what I was put on my skin, but now I was paying attention. I was noticing the ingredients in the skin care products I was buying and monitoring how different combinations affected my skin.

Patterns emerged. My skin did better when plant-based, natural butters oils and extracts were used. Ingredients like unrefined shea butter, aloe, willow bark extract and essential oils, stood out. I began creating my own products, mindfully selecting the ingredients that worked for me and experimenting nonstop.

In the process, something amazing happened.

  • I simplified my routine and began to feel more confident about what I placed on my skin.
  • I began to be more mindful about my own wellness choices.
  • I began slowing down and embracing simplicity where I could.
  • My skin care routine transformed from something I just had to do to, into healthy daily rituals that reflected my choice to live more balanced and carefree.

Today, I’m happy to provide a line of products that does that for you too. Our products are still handcrafted with plant-based butters, oils, extracts and essential oils to celebrate the joy that comes from slowing down, feeling balanced and appreciating the simple, natural beauty of life.

- Maia Singletary
  Founder, Astrida Naturals

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"Love these products!!! I struggle with hormonal and stress acne and this product has really helped to clear my skin and improve over all tone and texture!!! It's very balancing which is what I've been lacking ! Love, love, love!" - Kristin

Products: Essential Shea Skin Care Set

"This moisturizer really soaks into my skin giving it a smooth filling of pure nourishment. I plan on shopping again at Astrida Naturals." - Eleanor Taylor

Products: Carrot Seed & Geranium Toning Face Moisturizer

I love the roll on fragrance. So easy to use and strong enough without being overwhelming. The solid fragrance tin is small but a little goes a long way as well. I use it to add volume to my hair. " - Tyce M.

Products: Bay Rum Oil Perfume Fragrance, Bay Rum Solid Perfume