Naturally scented body care, skin care & fragrance essentials for seekers of wellness & free-spirited adventure.

Welcome to Astrida Naturals. Our mindful, natural, plant-based body care, skin care and fragrances are formulated with sustainable, ethically sourced ingredients. Some of our ingredient superstars are fair trade, organic shea butter from Ghana, active botanical extracts, essential oils and organic, handcrafted natural scent blends. 

Our small-batch made products are certified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny and made locally in Chicago without the use of petroleum, parabens, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate, gluten, artificial colors or artificial fragrance. 

Our Story

Hello, I'm Maia and I launched Astrida Naturals in.... a bookstore.

Yes, that's right, a bookstore. If you're thinking that's an unlikely place to find natural skin care you're, not alone. But here's my story...

Years back, I was an indie bookseller. Maybe you could call me a rebel, many did. I ditched the promise of a career in design to run a local bookstore with my father (yes, I'm a daddy's girl) in my old neighborhood. We opened in 2008 with good intentions and much enthusiasm. I loved being a small local retailer and against the odds we did all right in that first year. It was also during that time that I personally discovered shea butter.

Before then, I didn't think too much about natural skin care, but I learned that shea butter, in its unrefined raw state, was really an amazing ingredient. Feeling compelled to try it, and thinking it might make a nice sideline item in the store, I ordered a few jars. I was excited to see if this miracle butter would live up to the hype, but when it arrived, I was slightly disappointed. Not in the results, the product itself worked great in soothing my dry skin, but I wasn't thrilled by the smell of the raw shea.

I, the design-minded, indie bookseller wanted the experience of raw shea to be... better. I wanted the whole experience of a natural product to be better from the packaging and the scent, to the feel of the goodness inside.

I immediately began experimenting in the kitchen. I started blending of shea butter with essential oils and selling the new products in the bookstore.

It was a hit and I soon branched out into other products as well, calling the new line Astrida, a Scandinavian name, in honor of the simple, minimal design aesthetic I loved.

Astrida: Of divine beauty and strength.

Today, Astrida Naturals celebrates the free-spirited joy that comes from slowing down, living well and appreciating the simple, divine beauty in life. That's our mission.

Our Values


We create products that are simple and formulated with as few ingredients as possible to achieve the desired results. Why? Because simple products with less ingredients mean that the ingredients we do select can be added in higher concentrations. We believe this makes our products more effective and will give you better results.


We create products that are versatile and can be used for multiple applications. Shea butter alone has a long list of skin care uses and applications. Our lotions can be used for your body, face and hair. Your benefit: you don't have to fill your bathroom with so many bottles of stuff. The essentials will do.


We are open and honest about what goes into our products and list all our ingredients on our website so you can know what you are buying. No off label ingredients. No green washing. We preserve naturally where we can, but always prioritize product safety. If a natural preservative doesn't perform to our standards, we don't use it. We'd rather use safe synthetics than put your safety at risk by shipping improperly preserved products.

Fair Trade

Shea butter is our flagship ingredient and you can rest assured our shea butter is ethically sourced. We've partnered with the Ajike Shea Center to ensure our shea butter is produced in a way that economically supports the rural women with a sustainable source of income.

Maia Singletary

I wasn't always a natural skin care enthusiast. For years, I used mainstream body and skin care, not giving too much thought to the ingredients, until I came across my first batch of organic, unrefined shea. I started researching and learned that unrefined shea butter had a multitude of wonderful benefits for skin superior to the more processed refined variety. It was amazing stuff!

Shea was the spark. It got me to finally ask, 'what was I putting on my skin?' I started researching other ingredients and thinking about how skin care was made. The more I learned, the more I realized that many mainstream products were unnecessarily complicated. Some had insanely long ingredient lists dictated by overzealous marketing departments who want to claim their product can do it all. I've always believed in the beauty of simplicity. They also weren't very natural or sustainable and that didn't feel right to me either. I knew better. I knew natural products could work.

I started making my own natural skin care products to sell at the counter at our family owned book store. All of the products featured organic shea butter its purest form. Our book store customers loved our balancing products and Astrida Naturals was born.

I truly hope you enjoy our products! Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

- Maia, Founder & Chief Formulator

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Love these products!!! I struggle with hormonal and stress acne and this product has really helped to clear my skin and improve over all tone and texture!!! It's very balancing which is what I've been lacking ! Love, love, love!" - Kristin

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This moisturizer really soaks into my skin giving it a smooth filling of pure nourishment. I plan on shopping again at Astrida Naturals." - Eleanor Taylor

Products:Carrot Seed & Geranium Toning Face Moisturizer

I love the roll on fragrance. So easy to use and strong enough without being overwhelming. The solid fragrance tin is small but a little goes a long way as well. I use it to add volume to my hair. " - Tyce M.

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