Ingredient Spotlight: Apple Extract Skin Care Benefits

Posted by on 7/7/2015 to Ingredient Knowledge

Apples are an extremely healthy fruit that is as good for your face as it is for your body. Apple extracts and essences are used in skin care for their rich nutritional profiles. Like papaya, apple extract is rich in antioxidants like vitamin C and natural acids. It’s also high in polyphenols and catechins like those found in green tea.

Apple has many skin care benefits for oily, acneic, dull and aging skin. We use powdered papaya extract in our Brightening Apple & Papaya Clay Face Mask. It can also be added to your custom face mask creations.

Properties and Benefits of Apple Fruit Extract

Astringent and Antioxidant Rich

Apple is a natural astringent that can help large pores appear smaller for oily skin types. It’s tightening properties make apple perfect for toners. Rich vitamin C content in combination with astringent benefits can also help clear up the appearance of acne and rejuvenate the look of aging skin.

Acidic & Exfoliating

Apple is also rich in natural alpha hydroxy acids that help to gently exfoliate your skin and break up the proteins that hold skin cells together. Like papaya extract, regular use of apple extract in your skin care products can help your skin appear brighter and smoother by sloughing away dead skin cells that can make your skin look dull.

Who should use apple fruit extract? Apple is great for oily and acneic skin types. It’s also good for anyone concerned with prematurely aging, dull or uneven complexions. Apple powders and essences are also great in toners for their naturally astringent properties. Will you be giving apple extract a try?
Ingredient Spotlight: Apple Extract Skin Care Benefits