Ingredient Spotlight: Natural Skin Care Benefits of Apricot Kernel Oil

Posted by on 6/18/2015 to Ingredient Knowledge

If you’re looking for a lightweight carrier oil to incorporate into your natural skin care routine look no further than apricot kernel oil.

Apricot kernel oil is extracted from the kernel inside of apricot pits, known botanically as Prunus armeniaca. Its fatty acid profile is similar to sweet almond oil being rich oleic and linoleic acid. Apricot kernel oil is rich in vitamins A, C and E and also contains anti-inflammatory phytosterols.

Like many natural oils, apricot kernel oil has many skin care benefits and uses. Apricot kernel oil is one of the base oils used in our shea butter lotions and is available as an option on our custom skin care line.

Properties and uses of Apricot Kernel Oil

Lightweight & Fast Absorbing

Apricot kernel oil is lightweight. It’s one of the lightest carrier oils available making it an ideal choice for facial care. Apricot kernel oil can safely be used as a base nourishing facial oil or even a cleansing oil. It’s safe for sensitive skin, doesn’t clog pores and absorbs very quickly. The fast absorbing, lightweight nature of apricot kernel oil also makes it a great choice for massage and aromatherapy.

Dry Mature Skin

Apricot kernel oil has some anti-aging benefits. It’s recommended for dry and mature skin types due to its mild, highly moisturizing nature and rich antioxidant content. Daily use of apricot kernel oil can be used to help diminish the look of wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Mild Safe for Sensitive Skin

Apricot kernel oil is very mild and safe for sensitive skin types. You can even use this oil for babies. If you have irritated or itchy skin, apricot kernel is a suitable, simple way to moisturize safely do to its anti-inflammatory properties. However, since apricot kernel oil comes from a tree nut, it should be avoided by anyone with tree nut allergies.

Who should use Apricot Kernel Oil? Anyone with dry, sensitive or mature or prematurely aging skin will find this oil ideal. It’s also a top selection for incorporating into aromatherapy and massage routines. What do you think? Will you be making apricot kernel oil a part of your natural skin care routine?

Ingredient Spotlight: Natural Skin Care Benefits of Apricot Kernel Oil