Inspiration: Best Green Spaces - Feel Connected To Nature via Home Decor

Posted by on 2/17/2015 to General
Inspiration: Best Green Spaces
I'm a city girl. I was born in Chicago, I live in Chicago. Though admittedly, I have done forced stints in suburbia - thanks to my parents and unavoidable career shuffles - ultimately, I thrive in city life.

However, there is one aspect of city living that I find challenging - the absence of nature.

While my heart thrives on the energy, culture and diversity of the city, it also longs for a deeper connection with the natural world. I want to see tropical green canopies, waterfalls, caves, beaches, even wooded forests... all a challenge when you live in Chicago and there isn't much of that within driving radius! Not to mention we have some pretty harsh winters here complete with gray days and subzero wind chills.

Yes, despite my deep love of city life sometimes (only sometimes, mind you!), I'm envious of those who live in more lush environments.

I compensate by looking for ways to bring green into my indoor environment.

If you're lucky enough to look out your window and always see green, or frolic in grass, or dig your toes into beach sand on a year-round daily basis, part of me is envious. Truly.

If you're like me and you long to add more natural touches to your everyday life, be inspired by this collection of green home decor to liven and freshen up your living space.

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Inspiration: Best Green Spaces - Feel Connected To Nature via Home Decor