The Best Reasons To Choose Natural Skin Care

Posted by on 2/18/2014 to General
why you should use natural skin care

Slowly by surely, natural skin care is creeping into the mainstream. Adopting a natural routine can do wonders for your well-being by helping you feel resourceful and closer to nature. I get a thrill when I find I'm able to replace a widely used synthetic with a natural alternative. I know I'm not alone. Many others are adopting natural skin care too and like me they want to spread the word about what it can do for you, but unfortunately, there's a negative side to this movement.

Do a quick search on Google and you'll see many reasons for why you should use natural skin care and not all of them are positive. Many of them are negative, written to scare you and ultimately make you feel you you are doing your skin care routine wrong.

I created Astrida Naturals because I wanted skin care made with the ingredients I cared about, but I was also tired of the fear mongering by others. The "don't use this, this causes cancer, this is toxic" line others use to scare you into ditching the mainstream stuff. I get that some people have sensitivities to certain ingredients, and they should most certainly avoid them, but just because something might not be a good choice for one person doesn't mean everyone should avoid it. These articles are everywhere and very few of them are supported by any scientific evidence.

I'm here to present my better, more positive reasons you should choose and use natural skin care products.

Why natural skin care?

  • Because it's simple.
    With natural skin care you can do more with less. Many natural ingredients are multifunctional, offering several skin care benefits at once, while synthetics are generally created for one specific purpose (that's why you need so many of them in one product). For example, unrefined shea butter (which I love!) has a variety of skin care benefits being moisturizing, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory all at once. It takes a lot of synthetic ingredients to do what just one dollop of shea can do. So naturally, we use shea a lot! This simple philosophy is also true of many other natural extracts and botanicals like white willow bark, green tea and lavender essential oil.
  • Because it's effective.
    You don't have to sacrifice results. Well formulated natural skin care products can work just as well as their synthetic counterparts. Gone on the days when natural products had to be synonymous with amateur results. Science has come a long way, we can now create natural products with all the professionalism you deserve and demand.
  • Because you'll feel good.
    In a world where many of us live in cities, something enjoyable happens when we are able to bring a bit of nature into our lives. We feel good. Also, less processed goods using less processed ingredients means a smaller carbon footprint. This is ultimately good for the environment. Bonus!
These are just a few reasons I've identified for why natural skin care is a great choice and none of them are rooted in fear or steeped by a desired to push an alarmist agenda. Choose natural skin care because you love it and enjoy feeling closer to all that nature can provide.

What do you think? Why do you choose natural skin care? Share your thoughts in the comments.
The Best Reasons To Choose Natural Skin Care