The Lazy Girl's Guide to Minimal Summer Skin Care

Posted by on 6/25/2018 to General

Summer is by far my favorite time of the year. I love the sun, the longer days, the time outdoors, even the humidity.

With summer comes longer days, more time outdoors and if you’re like me, you want to spend less time fussing around with your face. Every change of the seasons is a chance to reevaluate and tweak your skin care routine.

The great thing about summer is that you can be a bit more relaxed with your routine. It's a great time to embrace minimal routines.

Summer is the perfect time to go minimal with your skin care. Here’s how.


Step 1: Use a mild cleanser. In the summer, the air is moist because humidity is at an all time high. To keep things clean and simple, a mild cleanser will do.

TIP: I’m addicted to the Konjac Sponge and it's perfect for getting in some extra exfoliation for simple summer skin care routines. To use, wet the sponge and lather it up with a mild soap bar. Try it! Trust me your skin will thank you.

Step 2: Apply Toner. In the summer, keep your toner in the fridge. Our White Tea & Cucumber Toner is perfect for this. It contains cooling cucumber and white tea extract and when you keep it cool it doubles as a refreshing botanical facial mist. Use after cleansing. Moisten a cotton ball with the toner and swipe all over your face. In the morning the cooling sensation is sure to wake you up and get you ready for the hot summer days.

Step 3: Moisturize and Protect. Finish your simple summer skin care routine with a lightweight moisturizer like our lightly scented Tea Tree & Clary Sage Moisturizer made with light hazelnut, a touch of shea butter and soothing cucumber extract. Follow up with and SPF product to further protect your skin from the warm summer sun.

Simple right? Three steps and you’re out the door. In the evening not too much changes. Unless you get really sweaty that day (you know from all the outdoor summer fun) you can go easier on the cleansing steps in the evening. If you did have one of those get dirty days, simply repeat the morning routine at night.


Step 1: Cleansing Lotion. Summer evenings are a great time to the most of our Lavender & Cedarwood Cleansing Lotion. This gentle lotion based cleanser will remove any makeup and grime while leaving the natural oils on your skin intact. Again using the Konjac sponge, wet the sponge and add a bit of cleanser, then swipe away the day.

Step 2: Treatment time. Nighttime is perfect for addressing skin care concerns with a serum. If brighter more radiant skin is your goal, you can't go wrong applying my personal favorite product, our Mulberry & Licorice Brightening Serum. A few drops is all you need. Apply to fingertips and massage onto face.

Stet 3: Moisturize: At night not much changes, finishing your simple summer skin care routine again with your moisturizer of choice.

Twice a Week

Make time for a mask. Our Apple & Papaya Brightening Face Mask can be your go-to summertime mask. In the mood for simple summer self care? Mix it with fresh plain greek yogurt to give your skin that extra bit of exfoliation that makes your skin soft and healthy.

There you have it, a minimal skin care routine for summer.

My final piece of advice... Have fun in the sun; you have better things to worry about than your face.

The Lazy Girl's Guide to Minimal Summer Skin Care