Ingredient Spotlight: Cucumber Extract Skin Care Benefits

Posted by Maia on 4/25/2018 to Ingredient Knowledge

Cucumbers have a long history of natural skin care use. Think about a relaxing spa day or a cool class of water. Did you just picture cucumbers? You're not alone. Cucumbers are a go-to natural skin care remedy for pampering your delicate under eye skin and are well known for their hydrating and soothing benefits.

At Astrida Naturals, we use cucumber extract in a variety of our products due to the high content of vitamins, polyphenols, tannins, minerals and other nutrients. Read on to find out what makes this natural skin care ingredient a wise choice for your own skin care rituals.

Cucumbers are known for their astringent properties and are good for oily skin but also very hydrating and anti-inflammatory. We use cucumber extract in our White Tea & Cucumber Facial Toner and also in our Tea Tree & Clary Sage Facial Moisturizer.

Ingredient Spotlight: Cucumber Extract Skin Care Benefits

7 Simple Skin Care and Wellness Tips for Spring

Posted by Maia on 4/2/2018 to General

Spring is the season for renewal and cleansing. It's a great time to refresh your skin care routine and recommit yourself to wellness and self care. Here are 7 skin and wellness tips for Spring.

1. Wake up with an energizing morning scrub.

Coffee lover? Start your day by mixing a few tablespoons of coffee grounds and sugar with a little bit of shea butter. Take this mixture to the bath or shower and gently rub on your skin. If you're a coffee lover like me, you'll love how the aroma instantly wakes you up and energizes you for the day.

The coffee combo with sugar removes stubborn dead skin that can accumulate on your body during the winter months and the shea moisturizes your body for a healthy glow.

2. Get your feet sandal-ready with pedicures and shea butter.

7 Simple Skin Care and Wellness Tips for Spring