French Green Clay Skin Care Benefits

Posted by Maia on 5/22/2017 to Ingredient Knowledge

Our latest spotlight ingredient is French Green Clay. This clay is the main ingredient in our Chamomile & Willow Bark Clarifying Face Mask. Read on to find out what makes this natural skin care ingredient a wise choice for your own skin care rituals.

But first, the basics.

French Green Clay or Illite Clay is a very fine, light green powder collected from sources in Montana, Wyoming, China, and yes, of course Europe. Also known as sea clay, French Green Clay has long been known for its detoxifying skin care benefits that can be attributed to its unique blend of minerals.

Its composition includes dolomite, manganese, silica, copper, phosphorous, magnesium, zinc and calcium. The green color is due to the clay's iron oxide and decomposed plant matter content. Interesting!

French Green Clay Skin Care Benefits