Five Fall Skin Care Tips For Healthy Balanced Skin

Posted by Maia on 9/19/2018 to General

It's that time of year again. Summer is gone, the air is cooling, the leaves are turning... and you may notice that your skin is acting up. You may notice more discoloration from the extra sun exposure or even more breakouts. Sound familiar? It's probably due to the changing seasons. Fall is here. Follow some of these fall skin care tips for healthy, balanced skin.

Is your skin more prone to breakouts in the fall?


Breakouts happen when dirt, oil and bacteria become trapped in your pores. During the summer months, your skin produces more of its own oils naturally. When fall arrives, your skin is still producing more oil than usual, but the cooling temperatures may keep your skin from shedding its dead skin cells as effectively. The result is more trapped oil, dirt and bacteria, which can lead to more blackheads and other breakouts until your skin adjusts to the changes.

Here are a few tips to get your skin ready for fall.

Five Fall Skin Care Tips For Healthy Balanced Skin