4 Benefits of Using Facial Toners

Posted by on 3/18/2014 to General
facial toner benefitsAre you using a facial toner in your skin care routine? There is a lot of conflicting information out there when it comes to toners - some say you need it, some say you don’t. While the debate is fueled by preference and personal experience, it’s my professional opinion that adding a toner to your skin care regimen will make a huge difference in your overall skin health. Many other experts agree. If you aren’t using a one yet you should be, there are many benefits of using facial toners after cleansing your skin.

Toning the skin is the extension of cleansing – meaning cleansing is not complete without this essential step. Does your skin need a toner? Absolutely, yes. It’s great for all skin types and should never be drying.

Now before we go on, it’s important to make a distinction between drying astringents and toners because many tend to think that they basically have the same function. Most astringents are way too harsh for the skin because they are mostly alcohol and what they do is kill the bacteria and dry out pores; they should never be applied to your face. If you apply harsh astringents all over your skin, you strip it of natural moisture; which will cause your sebaceous glands to actually produce more oil to moisturize the skin’s surface. Toners, on the other hand, are much gentler and they perform differently. Listed below are the things that toners specifically designed to do.

  • They remove residue from the facial wash or foam that you used for the first step of your routine. Likewise, toners remove other remaining dirt on the skin’s surface.
  • Toners hydrate the skin (unlike astringents that leave the skin feeling parched).
  • They restore your skin to its normal pH, which should be slightly acidic. Balanced pH leads to less reactive skin – not as sensitive and produces less oil.
  • They also thoroughly prepare your skin for the next step of your routine. Toners make your skin more receptive to the serums and emulsions because they are properly balanced.
Another important note is that toners can be applied throughout the day to refresh the skin by turning it into a facial mist. Our White Tea and Cucumber Hydrating Toner is packaged as a sprayer and can double as a facial mist so you can spray it throughout the day to refresh or rehydrate your skin.

Now that you know about these benefits are you ready to start using toners now? Remember to look for natural toners that are alcohol free and incorporate them today to boost the results of your daily natural skin care regimen.
4 Benefits of Using Facial Toners