Fragrance List

Bay Rum
A masculine, spicy, scent blend of bay leaf, clove & cedar, with a hint orange peel.

Lemon Verbena
Fragrance Type - Citrus/Green
Fresh citrus and herbal lemon verbena blended with a hint of basil and grass notes. Green and fresh.

Sandalwood Vanilla
Fragrance Type - Wood
Earthy sandalwood, with a hint of amber and oak moss, and grounded with a soft vanilla base.

Signature Rose
Fragrance Type - Floral/Oriental
A floral blend of fresh cut roses with a hint of cedarwood & neroli

Seasonal & Limited Edition Scents

Lime Basil Mandarin
Fragrance Type - Citrus
This perfume is a super clean blend with soft citrus and herbal notes of basil and grass. A great subtle fragrance for easy relaxing summer days. Great for men too!

Calla Lily
Fragrance Type - Floral/Green
A very green and natural floral scent. Just as it sounds, this fragrance exudes the fresh cut aroma of calla lilies.

Wise Man
A masculine, spicy, scent blend of sandalwood, patchouli, & musk.