French Green Clay Skin Care Benefits

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French Green Clay Skin Care Benefits

French green clay or Illite is a very fine, light green powder that can be sourced from Montana, Wyoming and China in addition to Europe. Also known as sea clay, French green clay has long been known for its detoxifying skin care benefits that can be attributed to its unique mineral composition. Composition includes dolomite, manganese, silica, copper, phosphorous, magnesium, zinc and calcium. Its green colors can be attributed to the clay's iron oxide and decomposed plant matter content.

French Green Clay Skin Care Benefits


French green clay has been used for years as a detoxifying beauty treatment. When applied topically, it can aid the skin in healing and ridding itself of harmful toxins. French green clay has an ionic charge. Acting like a magnet, this type of clay attaches itself to the molecules of toxins so they can be rinsed away when the skin care treatment is done. Add


French green clay cleanses and gently exfoliates. Used on the skin, green clay can make it feel softer while tightening pores and aiding in the optimal function of oil glands. In addition, green clay has been known to boost blood circulation in the skin while removing dead skin cells.


French green clay is highly absorbent, like Australian washed blue bentonite, it’s one of the most absorbent cosmetic clays with the ability to hold close its weight in water. Because of this green clay is mostly recommended for oily, clogged or acneic skin, though normal skin can also benefit from the occasional clarifying treatment. Used as a facial mask, green clay effectively removes excess oil and other impurities that cause clogged pores. French green clay is the main ingredient in our Chamomile and Willow Bark Clarify Face Mask Concentrate.


French green clay is also beneficial for treating skin allergies due to food, chemicals or pollens. Used as a paste, it should be applied to the affected area between two to four times – the clay aids in rapid healing by removing the toxin that causes the allergic reaction. By the same measure, French green clay can also be used to treat wounds, burns, sunburns, skin problems, ulcers, bacterial infections, bruises, mouth sores and even headaches and fevers.

French Green Clay Skin Care Tip

When using green clay externally, it should be mixed with mineral-rich filtered water, hydrosols, aloe juice or fruit juice. When mixing a face mask with green clay, try using wooden spatulas and glass or ceramic bowls are as opposed to metallic implements that can lessen the efficacy of the green clay due to ionic exchange disruption.
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