Ingredient Spotlight: Natural Skin Care Benefits of Geranium Essential Oil

Posted by on 6/23/2015 to Ingredient Knowledge

Geranium essential oils is steam distilled from the leaves of the Pelargonium odorantissimum flower which are found throughout Africa, Russia and China.

Scent notes are strong and similar to rose; floral, herbal and slightly earthy. Geranium essential oil bends well with many essential oils like carrot seed, bergamot, basil, clary sage, cedarwood, lavender, neroli, jasmine and rosemary. Geranium is often used in perfumery because its characteristic aroma is naturally very strong. You don’t need much!

Geranium essential oil has many skin care benefits and uses. We use geranium oil in our Carrot Seed and Geranium Facial Moisturizer. This carrot seed and geranium oil blend combo can also be added to your customized skin care products.

Properties and uses of Geranium Essential Oil.

In skin care, geranium essential oil is slightly astringent, antibacterial and antimicrobial helping to clear the appearance of acne and balance oily complexions. Its strong scent is also a natural deodorizer making geranium a great ingredient for all natural deodorants when combined with other antibacterial essential oils.

In addition, geranium also has toning properties that help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and make the skin look tighter. As a cicatrisant, geranium can help reduce the appearance of scars and other spots.

In aromatheraphy, geranium oil is considered to be balancing and calming to the soul.

Who should use geranium essential oil? Anyone with clogged, mature or prematurely aging skin will find this oil ideal. It’s also a top selection for perfumery and deodorizing. What do you think? Will you be making geranium oil a part of your natural skin care routine?

Ingredient Spotlight: Natural Skin Care Benefits of Geranium Essential Oil