Get Personal With Custom Skin Care Products

Posted by on 4/14/2014 to General
custom skin care Skin care is not one size fits all. See why I'm taking a more bespoke approach to my skin care routine and how you can too.

I started making skin care products because I found that off the shelf beauty wasn't really working for me. I had occasional breakouts, dehydrated skin and scars from acne (sigh). Products off the shelf didn't work for me, they were either too harsh, too drying, or filled with synthetic chemicals. It wasn't what I wanted, but being an informed product junkie, I had a few ideas for what would work.

My criteria - what I wanted from my skin care.
  • Products made with unrefined shea butter (not refined shea) I could put on my face.
  • Fresh botanical extracts for their bio activity.
  • Essential oils for their lovely scents and therapeutic benefits.
  • Freshly blended products, skin actives can loose potency over time.
Formulating my own skin care was my best option and this is how Astrida Naturals started. Many of the products you see on this site are a result of me trying to solve my own problems, but I understand you may not want to do all this yourself. It's taking me years to nail my processes down.

Your own personal skin care formulator.
Since formulating my own facial skin care products, I've noticed my skin is more balanced and bright. I love the results and my routine is now customized and personalized. You can have this too! I've opened up Astrida Naturals to allow you to customize and personalize your skin care products so you can see similar results. It's like having your own personal skin care formulator at your fingertips and best of all the products are natural and fresh.

Some of my favorite actives are white willow bark, cucumber extract, licorice root and niacinamide (vitamin B3)

Take control of your routine! See all of our custom skin care items here.

I am still growing this section and I'm always willing to chat with you about which ingredients are best. What would you like to customize your skin care with?
Get Personal With Custom Skin Care Products