Ingredient Spotlight: Hazelnut Oil Skin Care Benefits

Posted by on 6/25/2015 to Ingredient Knowledge

We are continuing our ingredient spotlight with hazelnut oil, another great carrier oil that's light, fast absorbing and great for your face.

Hazelnut oil is made from roasted, pressed hazelnuts native to various regions in the northern hemisphere. Botanical name, Corylus avellana.

Hazelnut is one of the lighter feeling carrier oils with good absorbency. It’s high in phytosterols, tannis, polyphenols, oleic acid and vitamin E. Hazelnut oil is used in skin care and culinary applications and has a pleasant slight nutty aroma and flavor.

Hazelnut oil has many skin care benefits and uses. It’s one of the base oils used in our Tea Tree & Clary Sage Facial Moisturizer. We also blend it with apricot kernel oilas a custom skin care selection to create a light, clarifying moisturizer for oily skin.

Properties, Uses and Benefits of Hazelnut Oil

Astringent and Antibacterial

Hazelnut oil is best known for its astringent characteristics. It is a drier feeling oil due to its polyphenol and flavonoid concentration; it also absorbs quite fast. This combination makes hazelnut oil fantastic for oily skin types because it helps to balance the natural oils on your skin. The antibacterial components also aid in improving the appearance of blemishes over time.

Moisturizing and Antioxidant Rich

Hazelnut has one of the highest vitamin E contents of all the carrier oils. High vitamin E content means hazelnut is ultra moisturizing and slow to go rancid. It’s also very softening to the skin and even has mild UV blocking properties. Regular use with this antioxidant rich oil can help skin appear more healthy and youthful, and rejuvenated.

Who should use Hazelnut Oil? Anyone with oily, acne prone or combination skin should consider looking for hazelnut oil as an ingredient in their facial skin care products. Will you be making hazelnut seed oil a part of your natural skin care routine?

Ingredient Spotlight: Hazelnut Oil Skin Care Benefits