Many Shea Butter Uses From Head to Toe

Posted by on 8/22/2014 to Ingredient Knowledge
Are you wondering why we use unrefined shea butter as our feature ingredient? There are many skin care products that can benefit from an infusion of shea – everything from shampoos, to conditioners, to daily moisturizing creams and more can make use of this luxurious, exotic butter. Shea butter can be refined, but we always use it in its organic, unrefined state as it has always been used by women in Africa for a number of traditional beautification and healing purposes over the years. Today, at Astrida Naturals, we are always experimenting and love to share ways shea butter can be used in your daily routine.

Shea Is Well Known For Body Care

Shea body care uses are well known. It can help soothe a multitude of skin issues and promote the quick healing of burns, sores, scars, dermatitis, and psoriasis. It’s packed with healthy fatty acids and vitamins A and E. Generous daily application of this potent ingredient can ensure your skin is able to regenerate healthily.

For pregnant women, meanwhile, it’s a great product to use in reducing or completely preventing the appearance of stretch marks. Itchy belly? Pregnant woman may also notice that frequent application of the butter eases the skin itchiness they feel due to their growing bellies.

Use Shea Head to Toe

For people suffering from dandruff, shea butter is also a good solution to try. Dandruff is normally caused by dry, flaky scalp, and shea is known to effectively fight dryness that leads to scalp itchiness and dandruff.

Shea butter is also great to use on your face. We love particularly love shea butter because of its moisturizing properties that can help prevent and diminish the appearance of wrinkles by promoting cell renewal and better circulation. It also contains cinnamic acid, that helps shield your skin from the harmful effects of UV rays. Yet, some are still reluctant to use shea for facial care. Don’t be.

TIP: Want dewy make-up coverage? Blend shea butter with your liquid foundation.

Yes, really. You can use pure, unscented shea butter in your foundation. You only need a little, but it will add a smooth glide to foundation to create a clean, dewy application, increase moisture retention and plump skin. While a lot of special foundations are deemed able to achieve the same look, you don’t really need those expensive formulations if you have a little shea butter in your make-up case. Mix a small amount of shea butter to any liquid foundation (a tiny spec is all you need) to create this look and enjoy makeup fortified with the regenerating powers of shea.
Many Shea Butter Uses From Head to Toe