5 Bad Things That Happen to your Skin in the Summer

Posted by on 6/21/2017 to General

I hate to be a negative nancy, but let's be real. Although summer is awesome, it can wreak havoc on your skin if you're not careful.

So while I'm a huge advocate for minimal skincare rituals, I'd be doing you a disservice not to point out the unique ways that summer's sun and heat can make bad things happen to your skin and what to do to keep everything under control.

5 Bad Things That Happen to your Skin in the Summer and how to keep it in check.

You'll glow. Literally.

Wait this doesn't sound bad? Let me explain, it may not really be bad for everyone.

I'm talking about oil. During the summer months your sebaceous glands start to produce more oil than normal because of the heat and humidity.

Great news if your skin is on the dryer side, but not so great news for us oilier ladies working diligently to control shine on a daily basis. Washing twice daily (or three times if you sweat a lot) becomes absolutely necessary. Please make sure your cleanser is mild so you don't overdo it...

Try: Lavender & Cedarwood Balancing Facial Cleanser

You may break out more.

Yikes. More oil can also mean more breakouts because it means your pores are more likely to become congested from oil, sweat, dead skin cells and bacteria.

This sucks, but you can fight acne by making sure you keep your skin clean by washing and removing makeup thoroughly.

Also make sure you are exfoliating regularly. Exfoliating your skin removes dead skin cells that contribute to clogged pores.

Try: Chamomile & Willow Bark Clay Face Mask

It might get dehydrated.

Are you thinking oilier skin means more hydrated skin? Think again, wise one.

Oily skin may be more moisturized (which is a good thing) but that doesn't mean it's hydrated. Skin hydration comes from water and other water loving additives that draw water to your face like aloe, not oil.

Summer robs you of hydration because it's hotter and you're sweating more. You may also be more active, which can lead to dehydration. Compensate by drinking more water and don't skip the toner.

Try: White Tea & Cucumber Facial Toner

You'll tan... maybe too much.

Tanned skin can be a welcome flush of color but the reality is that a tan is really just sun damage and it can be a precursor to a painful sunburn. Be vigilant, be wise and protect yourself with sunscreen daily.

Also, I probably don't have to say this, but here it goes. Even if you were born with more melanin, you need sun protection. I have brown skin, but this sun worshiper still slathers on the sunscreen ritually.

If you overdo it one day and that tan turns into a peeling, full fledged sunburn, shea butter can help soothe your skin and offers minimal sun protection on its own.

Try: Sandalwood Vanilla Shea Butter Stick

Dark spots may stick around.

Sigh, this is one of the worse parts. It already sucks that summer sun can cause oilier, dryer, more acne prone skin. To add insult to injury if you do get acne the marks left behind after it heals can become more prominent at this time. Why??

UV rays from the sun can trigger hyperpigmentation. Again, apply sunscreen daily. At night, try a treatment to brighten your skin and lighten the look of any dark marks proactively.

Try: Mulberry & Licorice Brightening Serum

Now that it's officially summer, keep all this in mind and have fun and be well, wise one!

5 Bad Things That Happen to your Skin in the Summer