How We Define Natural Skin Care

Posted by on 7/5/2015 to General

Are you a natural skin care newbie wondering what all of it really means? Does it work, is it worth it and is it even legit?

First I want to start off by saying, I’m not one to condemn synthetics. As natural skin care has become more and more popular it has spawned an epidemic of companies marketing ‘natural’ skin care product as the safe alternative, implying or blatantly accusing everything else as being downright unsafe.

Personally, I have a real problem with other companies who do this. It’s called scare or fear mongering and it really needs to stop.

I didn’t decide to create natural skin care because I was afraid of the alternatives. It’s my hope that you’re also choosing natural not out of fear but out of respect and admiration for nature itself. I hope you love natural for what it is and not for what is isn’t as much as I do.

Now with that out the way, let’s get back to what natural skin care is.

Natural Skin Care Definition

There is no legal definition for 'natural' for skin care products.

That’s right. Unlike the term 'organic', which is regulated by the USDA, there is no governing body that has the authority to regulate the term 'natural'. That means anyone can use it for any product. Critics of natural products have accused it of being mere marketing jargon.

I know I’m not making this easy. OK. We've established there is no true 'natural' definition, so what do companies do? They pick a standard and stick to it. Only though the creation of guidelines, standards and integrity can 'natural' stand up to any definition. Here is the Astrida Naturals definition and standard.

Our Natural Standard

Natural means derived in whole or in part from a renewable resource found in nature. Natural ingredients are minimally processed and healthy for your skin.

By our definition, natural skin care is authentic and simple. That’s what I aim for when creating a new formula; artisan, authentic and simple skin care that's at least 95% all natural by this definition. This is our standard.

How We Define Natural Skin Care