Let Me Be Your Mad Scientist! - Introducing Customizable Skin Care Products Made to Order

Posted by on 7/26/2013 to General
If you've been to the Astrida Naturals website lately, you'll notice that we're implementing big changes.

Mainly, we've gone live with customization options.

Customization is something that I've wanted to do in Astrida Naturals for a while. I love formulating bath and body products and get a thrill out of trying to discover that perfect blend. Some days, I even feel like a mad scientist while I tinker with new combinations!

Well, being a mad scientist is okay for me, but what about those who want to create custom blends but don't necessarily want to tinker, buy equipment and all the ingredients? If that's you, customization is the perfect option for you! Let me be your mad scientist :)
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Why customization? Well, not everyone has the same skin care needs or interests, for that matter. While I love shea butter with a fierce passion, maybe you want a super light feeling lotion made with apricot kernel oil. While achieving the ultimate long lasting moisture barrier is a goal for me, maybe you want a soothing body lotion with cucumber and white tea extract.

Literally, there are endless possibilities but, I can't make a product line that encompasses all of these preferences. That wouldn't be wise. But allowing you, my customer, to build a product with your preferences... much more do-able!

So what do you think? Check out our Create Your Own section and let me know. I'd love to hear your feedback and suggestions as this section continues to grow.
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