Natural Skin Care Tips For Winter

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Winter is here. Is your skin ready for it?

Much like Fall, Winter can be a particularly troubling time for your skin. Plummeting temperatures and moisture levels in the air can aggravate dry skin conditions and rob you of the, oh so important, hydration levels that keep your skin balanced.

It's all about balance.

Proper skin care is all about balance and nourishment. When the air gets really cold and dry there are a few ways to compensate. All of the following winter skin care tips pave the way for your skin to receive the extra level of moisture, hydration and nutrients needed to balance the climate.

Tip 1: Use a Cream Cleanser

Cream-based cleansers are ideal for winter climates. Cream cleansers are usually made with oils and don't foam very much — that's a good thing! Traditional cleansers may contain harsh detergents that can strip your skin too much, leaving your skin dry and without any of the natural oils that keep your skin balanced. Cream cleansers, alternatively, are designed to dissolve dirt and grime without stripping your skin of its natural oils.

Product recommendation: Try our Lavender Cedarwood Facial Cleanser.

Tip 2: Moisturize More

You should apply face and body moisturizers morning and night. If you are only doing this once a day, ramp it up. Now is not the time to get stingy with your moisturizer. Stock up and apply daily and throughout the day as needed. A good cold weather moisturizer will protect your skin, add moisture and lock it in. Our shea butter products are perfect for all your face and body moisture needs.

Product recommendations:
For body - Pure shea butter offers the most protection and is also available in convenient push up sticks. Pure shea can be used on your face if desired. Shea butter based lotions are ideal for head to toe care. Lotions sink into your skin more quickly and have the added benefit of adding hydration as well as moisturize.
For face - Our Carrot Seed & Geranium Facial Moisturizer gives you the nutrients, hydration and moisture needed to get through winter. This can also be used under a layer of pure shea butter for extra protection.

Tip 3: Exfoliate

Exfoliating regularly can help prepare your skin to accept the extra moisture and nutrients you'll be feeding it by clearing away dead skin cells that can block absorption. Try using a Konjac sponge or other type of manual exfoliation tool or facial scrub. Konjac sponges are very gentle and provide stimulation as well as exfoliation. Use with your cleanser to keep dead skin cell from building up.

Product Recommendations: The Konjac Sponge

Tip 4: Hydrate Yourself

Keep your skin hydrated from the inside by drinking plenty of water and avoiding dehydrating beverages when possible. Personally, I'm not one to give up my coffee or tea (both of which can be internal hydration thieves) so I compensate by a using a hydrating toner more often and spritzing my face midday to keep my skin fresh and dewy.

Product recommendations: Hydrating White Tea & Cucumber Facial Toner contains moisture attracting aloe vera juice.

Tip 5: Protect Your Skin

When you've taken all the above steps the next thing to do is protect your skin from the elements by layering up with proper outerwear. Don't be exposed to the wind if it's unnecessary. Cover up and be warm!

Note: This article was originally posted January 4, 2014. The content you see above has been edit, revamped and updated.
Natural Skin Care Tips For Winter