About Our Shea

Embracing A Culture

Did you know Astrida Natuals got its start by selling only shea butter?

That's right. When we started, shea butter was our only product, and not just any shea, but pure unrefined shea butter scented with essential oils. We sold it out of our family bookstore and it was a natural fit. This is how Astrida Naturals began.

Organic, Unrefined Shea Butter

Our shea butter is organic, unrefined shea from Ghana. No chemicals at all are used in the extraction process. The shea is extracted using traditional West African methods or collecting, crushing and grinding. We've taken the extra step to only buy certified organic shea butter for use in all of our body and skin care products so you know you are always getting the highest quality available on the market. We also source fairly traded shea butter in an effort to support the African women who manufacture the shea by hand.

Why We Only Use Unrefined.

You have probably heard some talk about shea butter and its many skin care benefits. Some benefits are moisturizing, anti-aging, stretch mark treatment, acne fighting & sun-protection... to name a few and are only present in raw, unrefined shea butter. Refined shea butter is processed to remove the natural odor and color and in the process most of the healing benefits of this natural butter are lost. Learn moreabout the difference.

Well, we think that you should use shea in its most natural state. So while many mass produced products use the refined product, at Astrida Naturals we are committed to only using the 100% pure, raw, organic unrefined shea. We just think it's that much better for you!