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Posted by on 2/12/2015 to General
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Okay, so in the past I haven't been great about keeping up with this blog. There are a couple of excuses reasons for this.

First, I was afraid of being too personal. Astrida Naturals is my business after all, so when it came to blogging as a part of the business, I felt like I had to keep a certain level of distance. Ultimately this approach meant I've never felt super connected to the blog and as a result, I never knew what to write. When I did write something, it felt forced.

So where did the motivation to have a blog come from?

I knew I wanted to share my knowledge. I was always told that I had to have a blog and write about skin care to show my expertise and for the dreaded SEO reasons. Sometimes that happened, but more or less the facts came out cold as if to say 'hey look at me, I know my stuff!' I do know stuff ;) but that disingenuous writing style for keywords really isn't me. It's boring.

Finally, life got in the way. What I really mean by that, is that I let my priorities slip. I actually love to write. I've always kept a journal, but somewhere in between starting a skin care business, working full time and being a mom, I let that integral facet of my personality slip and I lost my voice.

This all changes now. From now on, I'll be here more. I'll be more honest. I'll be more human. Here I am. My name is Maia, I'm the creator of Astrida Naturals and ready to rock.
Astrida Naturals: The New Blog