Thoughts on Giving Back and Lela At An Orphanage in Uganda

Posted by on 10/9/2013 to General
About a month ago, Lela Barker from Lucky Break Consulting announced that she would be raising funds for an orphanage in Uganda that she would be personally visiting. Lela is a mentor of mine and her advice and guidance have been invaluable as I build Astrida Naturals.

I've always known that I wanted Astrida Naturals to give back as we become successful, so naturally I jumped on the opportunity to help. Astrida Naturals donated funds from our sales to feed these children decent, nutritious food for a day. Feeling great about our first major contribution as a company, I wished Lela luck on her trip.

I followed Lela's travels and it quickly became clear that the situation was not a simple one. There were troubling updates as she explained what was going on at that orphanage. You can read about her experiences on the Lucky Break Consulting blog here.

In her post, Lela promises to outline the entire store through a series of updates. Personally, I'm eager to hear all about what went down, but the whole process has me seriously thinking about how Astrida Naturals can make an impact. How can we give back?

There are many issues I'm sensitive to. Living in the city, in Chicago, I'm occasionally confronted with the need for social involvement. I often find myself asking, "How can I help?" As Lela's story unfolds, I'll be researching and brainstorming. Building Astrida Naturals has changed my life, it's my hope that through this company, I can one day help to change the lives of others for better as well.
Thoughts on Giving Back and Lela At An Orphanage in Uganda