Top 5 Green Tea Skin Care Benefits

Posted by on 5/23/2013 to Ingredient Knowledge
I'm sure you know, green tea is healthy to drink, but did you also know it's healthy for your skin too.

At Astrida Naturals, I'm all about healthy skin care. It's not enough that an active ingredient simply work, it should also be healthy for you body and well being. Here are some top skin care benefits of green tea that will make you feel good about using it daily.

  1. Inflammation Relief
    Topical use of green tea can help reduce inflammation as a result can soothe conditions such as psoriasis and rosacea.
  2. Acne Relief
    Catechins, antioxidants found in green tea, are antibacterial. Combine this with the anti-inflammatory properties of green tea and you have a potentially effective natural treatment for this common condition.
  3. Fights Free Radicals
    Those potent antioxidants can also help fight free radicals and naturally detoxify your skin.
  4. Reduce UV Damage
    Another antioxidant benefit of green tea is the potential to neutralize the suns UV rays and protect against photoaging. Studies have shown sun damage was reduced in areas where green tea was applied to the skin before exposure. That's great news, but for heaven's sake. Please still use sunscreen!
  5. Rejuvenates Cells
    It's all about the antioxidants! Once again their presence is responsible for skin rejuvenating benefits on a cellular level. As a result green tea can help prevent collagen breakdown and halt the loss of elasticity in your skin. What does this mean for you? Smoother softer skin with fewer fine lines.

When you combine all these great benefits together the over all effect is green tea helps your skin fight acne, protect against sun damage & maintain elasticity. <-- Click to Tweet this skin care tip!

Start using great tea in your skin care routine.

We use green tea in our Tea Tree and Clary Sage Moisturizer which is also formulated with essential oils to help your skin fight acne.

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Top 5 Green Tea Skin Care Benefits