Weekly Recap: Challenges, wins and pushing through the blocks.

Posted by on 6/26/2015 to General

Tomorrow will mark the end of week 2 in the daily blog challenge where I’ve committed to writing every day for 30 days. I’m about halfway through.

This week’s content was less editorial and more informational. I finally got around to profiling more of our skin care ingredients like geranium, meadowfoam seed oil and hazelnut oil; something I desperately needed to do. There are so many ingredients to write about, it’s helped me to push through the writing blocks I’m experiencing, but I wasn’t able to push through enough to write more personally, the way I prefer to write.

This is what I call a writing block. Why is it so difficult to get personal? Some of my fellow business owners seem to have no problem with it at all. They readily pour out their souls on blogs and social media to an eager community of customers and supporters.

Well, I’m struggling with it. I have an entire list of what could be interesting things to write about, but Blank Page Paralysis is real. After an hour or so, that blog post that was supposed to be about a thought provoking philosophy of some kind turns into a technical research based piece about this skin care ingredient or that. Again, these are all things I do need to write about, but I struggle when I wonder, “how interesting is this really?” ... Perhaps I’m being to hard on myself.

My Biggest Challenge This Week

Work. Working full time while running a business is always challenging, especially for me since I seem to not be able to do anything half way. What’s the secret for making it work? Have a "day" job where you feel you are contributing to something meaningful.

I’m fortunate enough to be in an environment that celebrates entrepreneurship, but this week has been a struggle for me. Over extension is real. Overwhelm is as paralyzing. Pair that with a frustrating sense of meaningless and the workweek becomes unbearable. This was not a week where I felt as though I was doing meaningful work and it made my responsibility trifecta of work/business/family feel like a physical strain. I’ll leave it at that... for now.

My Biggest Win This Week

At home, my son attended orientation for elementary school. He’s officially enrolled and will be starting kindergarten this fall at a language academy magnet school. We are incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to send him there; it’s one of the best public schools in the city and I can’t wait for him to start learning a new language.

Also, I’m still writing everyday. Winning.

Weekly Recap: Challenges, wins and pushing through the blocks.