Weekly Recap: Readings, Travels and Finding Your True North

Posted by on 7/3/2015 to General

Despite being a short week, with work shutting down a day early in prep for the 4th, I feel like it's been a long couple of day waiting for the weekend. It's been interesting though. Here are a few highlights.


I had a reading. Yes, that's right I had a tarot card reading early this week.

The idea came after a few people at work expressed interest in seeing an energy healer. They signed up for a shamanic reading and healing session. I'm into spiritual healing practices but I couldn't make the outing they were discussing, so I looked into local readers nearby and found the Spirit Dreamer Healing Studio instead.

For those who don't know, tarot cards are divination tools that can help you tap into your intuition. Tarot is beautiful the cards are full of rich symbolism and messaging. I've been studying tarot on my own for years now, but I've never gone to an experienced reader for an in-depth, deep dive session. My reaction? Awesome.

Getting a good reading is like going to a good therapist. You get to ask questions and explore what's on your mind. After the reading you gain insights, feel lighter and hopefully clearer about your true path. My reader was Arturo in Rogers Park. Without going into much detail Arturo gave me lots of good insights about the paths I am on. By the end of the session, I felt as if some weight had been lifted and I'm excited to see what comes next. Arturo also does shamanic healing sessions and reiki, I'll be checking one of those out next time.


This weekend we are doing something we have never done on a 4th of July weekend; traveling. The Terrences (Terrence, my husband and Terrence Jaden, my son) and I are Michigan bound for a quick getaway. We don't travel nearly as much as I wish we could. Things get in the way but I dream of a life filled with these weekend getaways. A bit of wander and exploration feels good for my soul right now. Which brings me to...

Finding Your True North

Do you know what your True North is? Your True North is your path, your purpose, your mission, your truth. Do you know it? I admit, I'm not all the way there yet. It's part of the reason I'm following so many paths at once. I'm sill wandering.

Happy 4th of July weekend!

Weekly Recap: Readings, Travels and Finding Your True North