Building a Biz: Why I started Astrida Naturals. Part 2

Posted by on 6/16/2015 to General

Have you ever wondered what drives an individual to start a skin care business? As a business owner, I'm often asked why I started Astrida Naturals.

Why I Started, Part 2

There were 3 main drivers that lead to the initiation of Astrida. Yesterday, I wrote about the first reason I got started down the skin care product creation path.

Working on creating an aesthetically pleasing skin care line was a natural outlet for the visual designer in me. But I could have done that by simply working on the visuals for any skin care brand. I didn't because there is another driver for why I started Astrida Naturals. I wanted to make something, not just for myself but for you, for other people.

Part 2: I started Astrida Naturals to satisfy my obsession with making things by hand for others.

I'll refer to this positive obsession with making things that are easily bought the Maker Mentality.

As you know from my previous post the spark for Astrida began at Azizi Books, the independent, African American themed bookstore my father and I pioneered together.

While I absolutely loved running a bookstore, a huge part of me wanted to work with my hands and build something physical. In addition, I've also been very interested in discovering how things are made. When I discovered it was even possible to make my own skin care, it was all I needed. I researched and began buying supplies. The maker mentality to do it myself had officially set it.

At the time, I didn't know there was a huge community of handmade cosmetic enthusiasts out there. I never thought anyone would want to buy something that wasn't mass produced in a lab. But they did.

I learned to make lotion, through experimentation, tweaking and lots and lots of trial and error. I presented my lotions, butters and fragrances in well designed packaging and people like you bought it from me. What's more, you told me it was good stuff.

I'm still in awe, that something I conceived, formulated and made from scratch could make someone so happy. Nothing satisfies a true maker more.

Join me tomorrow for Part 3, the final installment of this post and more info on why I started Astrida Naturals.

Building a Biz: Why I started Astrida Naturals. Part 2